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Thu, 25 Jan


Near Denver

Flower into Life - Retreat

After your transformative journey with "Rooting into Me," we invite you to expand the spectrum of your lived experience with "Flower into Life." This retreat is a sacred space for those who have delved deep into their roots and are now ready to blossom fully into their life's fullest expression.

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Flower into Life - Retreat
Flower into Life - Retreat

Time & Location

25 Jan 2024, 16:00 GMT-7 – 29 Jan 2024, 12:00 GMT-7

Near Denver, Denver, CO, USA


About the event

After your transformative journey with "Rooting into Me," we invite you to expand the spectrum of your lived experience with  "Flower into Life." This retreat is a sacred space for those who have delved deep into their roots and are now ready to blossom fully into their life's fullest expression.

Embrace the paths of effortless creation and manifestation. Whether you are aligning with your soul's purpose, trusting the flow of life without knowing the destination, or simply being in the moment, "Flower into Life" is designed to amplify your journey of effortlessly embodying your beingness and creating from it.

“When Iboga guided me to the medicine of Bufo Alvarius 6 years ago, it felt like the missing pieces for me to flow with ease in my life finally came together. Like I had the extra power and effortless accuracy to take care of the small but relevant details in my life. I was amazed as I witnessed the tiny changes gain momentum, and propel me through life with so much more effortlessness and magnetism. This offering encompasses the distilled shamanic transmission of hundreds of one-on-one sessions with Bufo and many experiments brought together through the perspectives of Kashmiri Shaivism Tantra and Kabbala to support the weaving of Spirit and Matter inside us through these medicines.

It is also a double blessing to be offering this journey in collaboration with two dear colleagues and friends for many years: Leela and Michaela. In the fertile soil of our deep trust and intuitive understanding of each other, we will be weaving our magic, unique gifts  and deep wisdom into the programme.” 

- Vee Dalindo - Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man

Our collective intention is to nurture the seeds sown in "Rooting into Me," allowing you to flower into your fullest potential. We will weave spirit with matter, activating your power of manifestation and embodying a state of effortless beingness.

Join us in this sacred journey of "Flowering into Life," where you are not just a participant, but a creator of your reality.


  • Bufo Alvarius journeys
  • Jaguar Microdosing
  • Eleusinian inspired Ergot based Ceremony
  • Sananga
  • Iboga microdosing
  • Co-creating magical Mandalas
  • Tantra Yoga
  • Art & Creative Expression
  • Fallun Gong
  • Dance
  • And so much more

As you prepare to join us, ponder upon your deepest desires for manifestation and what might be holding you back. Being in the Not Knowing is just as good to start with.

This retreat is an intimate gathering, exclusively for those who have journeyed with us through "Rooting into Me." As space is limited, we encourage you to register early to secure your place in this transformative experience. If you choose to participate in the January RIM ceremony, there is a discount available to register for both.

Intentions of the Space:

  • To Flower into Life the seeds that we sowed deep in our depths
  • To Birth ourselves as the Universe / Creator while remaining rooted to our body and truth
  • To Imprint our newly reset nervous system with the direct experience of being the creator
  • To activate our self actualisation and manifestation power
  • To weave spirit with matter inside our being
  • To continue the work of embodying the state of effortless beingness. After working on the subconscious blocks and aspects of it in Iboga, we move into embodying the conscious aspects of it in Flower into LIfe
  • With RIM we work with our deepest inner patterns within our inner universe. With FIL we expand these changes into life and bring our energetic patterns into alignment with our new inner experience and the natural flow of the Universe itself.
  • To come into Trust of ourselves and life itself.
  • Actualisation, Abundance & Manifestation
  • To work on the relationship and communication between our Divine Creative Masculine & Feminine Principles
  • As we embody our creator energy we will come into synergy with other creators and ritually co-create a stone mandala to work that we will be using during the retreat
  • Working with Art & drawing for integration, to develop visualization and to get direct reflections of our subconscious
  • To work with inspiration & subtle life force / creative energy to embody how to channel this into creative endeavors
  • Creative improvisation & Play
  • To activate the remaining energy and power required to go beyond the tipping point of what our soul wants to bring into the world.
  • To stay rooted in Matter as our branches and fruits spread and soar into life.

Guidelines / Contraindications:

  • For those that have done iboga more then 6 months ago, we suggest Kambo (maybe with iboga microdose just once before receiving the kambo)
  • No Kambo for six weeks after the Flower into Life Retreat.
  • Please eat light on the day of the retreat. No coffee (or caffeine) and fast for at least 4 hours before arriving. We will have our first journey on the first day.

The Team:

Vee Dalindo - Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man

Michaela - Co-Facilitator & Medicine Woman

Leela Stephanie - Co-Facilitator & Medicine Woman


Early Bird:  1800 EURO / 1900 USD

Regular: 1950 EURO / 2100 USD

Participating both to RIM & FIL: Please check with us (It's not possible to attend RIM & FIL back to back the first time)

The price includes:

Accommodation for 5 nights, Food (as per your dietary requirements), all ceremonies, workshops, tuition & activities & online support during preparation phase. Also includes group integration call post retreat. Any medicine served will be offered as a gift from nature.

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