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Rooting Into ME was founded on the belief that the gifts , healing & growth from the sacred Iboga root, should be accessible to anyone that is ready, no matter their level, financial position or location in the world.
In simplicity, beyond our perceived differences and beliefs of being more or less deserving,  there is only One being and we are all It.
Hundreds of people from all walks of life have already benefitted from this work. From dedicated spiritual people to business people, students and practitioners, everyone receives according to what they are ready for.
All the courses and retreats on offer here have been offered and fine tuned over many years in different settings.
This does not mean that Iboga is for everyone. Beyond various conditions or medications that may be contraindicated,  one quality that points to the readiness of the individual , is the inner recognition that one has suffered enough, that one is really ready to take responsibility as creator of our life for creating a life we don’t want to live in. This inner position although uncomfortable at times, also empowers us to make the changes needed - letting go of who I think I am, for the truth of Me to unfold.
And no , this is not a cure all for suffering. We are simply acknowledging that no matter the unlimited potential of Iboga, how much one receives is directly related to ones level of readiness to let it all go.


Who We Are

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Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man


Assistant & Kambo Facilitator


Apprentice / Medicine Woman

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