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Here is what some of our past participants have said about our programs and retreats in the last year.

One of the most important experiences of my life. Vee masterfully weaves many ancient teachings and with a breath of simplicity delivers what the moment needs most. Words don’t suffice. Thank you, all the love.

Food was spectacular. Facilitation from Vee and Michaela was grounded and masterful. More, please.

Sean - USA

“One of the best retreats I have ever done! Thanks to Vee and his infinite experience of Life, and Isabell and Kristina for their pure service, love, and compassion. May this work be blessed forever.”

Bruno - Italy

It is difficult to even touch with words the fullness, depth and texture of what the journey has been so far. It is a mythical quest. A full underworld epic. A true initiation. The structure of the container which held this space was for me exactly as it needed to be. The mysterious haunted mansion. The oak & the willow by the pond. The snow. The smells of ’home’. The nourishing & love-filled food. The presence & depth of care and sincerity of the team and really of the whole group. It was just as it needed to be. Change the text and add your own."

Alexa - Israel

“This program has been one of the best gifts I have given myself in a while. All the different elements were designed and put together to deliver more than I had hoped for. What made the big difference is the team. It is clear that this team is passionate about what they are doing. Vee is one of the most skilled facilitators I have met. He holds space with grace and is there to make sure no stone is left unturned in your self-inquiry quest.

Highly recommended for those who are on their self-development journey.”

Lama - Canada

I went into the Iboga retreat with a lot of fear but quickly learned there was nothing to fear. The entire retreat was very meaningful and felt very heartwarming. I have gained a completely new perspective on life and look forward to starting my new life. Thank you!

Verena - Germany

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