Here is what some of our past participants have said about our programs and retreats in the last year.


“This program has been one of the best gifts I have given myself in a while. All the different elements were designed and put together to deliver more than I had hoped for. What made the big difference is the team. It is clear that this team is passionate about what they are doing. Vee is one of the most skilled facilitators I have met. He holds space with grace and is there to make sure no stone is left unturned in your self-inquiry quest. Highly recommended for those who are on their self-development journey.”

Lama - Canada


“The retreat was sooo much more than I expected. Yes, there was the Iboga experience and there was so much more to it. The whole program was so rich in different elements & tools that all supported the process, woven together very delicately and intelligently. The right thing at the right time - even if there was no sense of time ever!. 
Vee holds so much wisdom not only about the medicines and is willing to share so freely and open-heartedly. He is a very rare creature (or creator?) that radiates love and compassion throughout his presence. The team was perfect. Very, very kind and caring.”

Vanessa - Germany


“It was and still is a powerful journey into the depth of myself, into the layers of vulnerability, into facing all blind spots that I was not aware of or simply did not want to notice. 
The place is amazing, the retreat is amazing, the team is amazing and Vee is amazing. Very supportive, very caring, and very professional in what he is doing.
It was a profoundly valuable and profoundly rewarding experience. I am grateful for it.”

Lukasc - Poland


“One of the best retreats I have ever done! Thanks to Vee and his infinite experience of Life, and Isabell and Kristina for their pure service, love, and compassion. May this work be blessed forever.”

Bruno - Italy