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An Initiation into the Mystery

with the sacred medicine of Iboga

You are invited on a sacred journey into your depths

An opportunity for self knowledge and self mastery through the medicine of Iboga.

A rite of passage into maturity in a culture and period when these milestones have lost their shine but not their value.

An Initiation into the Mystery – to see & to meet life from a completely new place.

An invitation to embody the effortless simplicity of your being

This is a 5 night / 6-day intensive including a two night ceremony with Iboga complemented by other sacred medicines, workshops, resources, practices and rituals for integration and refinement in the days after.



This will be a direct path intensive for those coming to Iboga for personal and spiritual growth. This is not the right setting for working through severe substance addictions or mental conditions.

We will be working directly and with the blessing of the spirit of Iboga using methods, modalities, preparation, and practices which in our experience have had the best results for the “Western” mindset while still honouring all indigenous cultures associated with this amazingly intelligent entheogen.

This will be a sacred non-traditional setting that does not ascribe to any particular belief system, religiousness or traditional Dogma.

The space will be encouraging self-empowerment by providing you with the preparation, tools and practices to support you in being your own healer within the context of a group environment.


Your journey is guided by your personal intentions. These are the intentions of the space you will be journeying in:

  • Rooting into Nothing: Anchoring in no Mind and re-birthing through the heart

  • Letting go of the emotional past

  • Ancestral work – Seeing and resolving the ancestral thought /emotion patterns (one feeds the other) that are creating obstacles and unease in your life now.

  • Deeply reset the nervous system & consciously imprint ourselves with the qualities and experiences we would have wanted to receive as new-borns

  • To clear our mind of the clutter and nonsense that we do not need (The mind is constantly recording everything received through all our senses)

  • To deepen the ability to see through one’s own games of self deception

  • To remember, awaken and deepen the gifts of our soul, body and mind

  • An Initiation into the Mystery - seeing and meeting life from a completely new place

  • Learning to see Mind, thoughts, thoughtforms and emotions and working with these aspects in an organic way

  • To learn simple effective practices to manage and refine your energy so you are fully equipped and able to support your own journey internally. (Having the roots to be able to weather the storm)

  • For everyone to be sufficiently integrated to meet life by the time they leave


We will start by offering an optional preparation before the retreat and finish with a group integration call after a few weeks. The pace of the retreat itself is slow and deliberate. Meals are structured and served at the same time each day. However from the start, you are invited to enter a space of timelessness, newness and mystery. A space full of potential allowing what is real and accurate in the moment to guide the programme. Besides the ceremony, participation is optional to all parts and one can choose in the moment what to participate in and to what extent.


Up to 6 Weeks before (Recommended)

In this period you are invited to create your own personal relationship with Iboga. To learn and adapt how to work with it before the retreat starts. Building confidence & working through any fears about the ceremony at small doses. Also starting our inner journey working through the superficial stuff so we can go deep into our core issues during the retreat.


5 Days / 6 Nights in person

This retreat includes a 2 night ceremony with Iboga follow by integrative practices , workshops and rituals. Each retreat is different and is guided by the specific needs of the people. Its an opportunity to adapt to your newly tuned system anchoring further into your new reality. For many people, the greatest insights actually happen in the days following the ceremony.


Post Retreat on Zoom

As the seeds we sowed during the retreat start to sprout, we will come together again after a few weeks on Zoom to Check In , catch up, support and learn from each other’s experiences


*Programme may change depending on the needs of the group


Opening Circle,
Q & A
Group Practices
Community / Free Time


Kambo Cleanse in the morning
Light Lunch
Participant Consultations
Pre-ceremony guidance
Ceremony starts after sunset for two nights

(Programme will adapt to the needs of each group)

Sananga – Seeing in the Dark
Kambo – Guided group ceremony serving kambo to yourself
Scelitium Heart Ceremony
Integrative workshops & Shadow Work
Integrative Dance
Kaula Tantra Yoga
Guided Massage
Shamanic Dialogue Ceremony
Sharing Circles and/or Community Forum
Learn simple effective ways of working with your energy and system
Time to relax (in nature if weather permits)
We finish together around noon

Young Vlogger


Below please find an excerpt from “Amazing Grace” by Lee Albert which really seems to convey a sense of the experience of an Iboga journey.

“It may be helpful to view a session using the analogy of a 36 hour plane journey. We arrive at the airport somewhat flustered, lugging our luggage behind us. With a little relief and a little trepidation we settle into our seat on the plane. We sit and wait; nothing much happens. Then the engines begin to fire up and we start to move slowly.
Before we know it we are taking off, a little perturbed at the speed of sound. Once in the air we encounter a number of air pockets leading to turbulence. Occasionally this is too much and we may throw up. But after five to seven hours the plane settles down and we sit back and watch a very fast, educational movie which we don’t seem to be able to avoid. After this we are worn out and simply want to be left to ourselves to ride out the rest of the journey.
Towards the end of our 36-hour journey we fall asleep and wake up on the ground parked or we have a few hours’ sleep and encounter a very soft landing. We go to the luggage collection to discover half our bags are missing. We don’t give a damn because we are so relieved to be alive and well and anyway, most of what was lost was just a lot of rubbish we didn’t need. “


by Vee Dalindo - Ashram of Love - Malta - March 2021

Mini Introduction about the sacred Iboga root exploring its origins, some of its uses and effects and how to work with it using Aspecting or Shamanic Dialogue Tool.


The Rooting into Me team members have a long standing relationship of living, working and co-creating sacred transformational spaces together. Both Isabell and Michaela have individually spent around three years working  with sacred entheogens and supporting in ceremony in Vee's centre in Malta. There is deep bond of love and trust between them that is grounded in reality and greatly supports the containers they co-create.



Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man

Vee is a Tantric Shaman, Medicine Man and Guide. He is one of the main founders of the plant medicine & conscious communities in the Maltese Islands and for over a decade he has served thousands of individuals and groups all over the world. Working extensively with the most powerful entheogen on the planet, he has also initiated many on their own sacred path of service.
Besides apprenticing for many years with various Shamans & Medicine Women he was given the blessing to teach non-duality by Sri Ramaji, the creator of RASA. Vee is also a Daka and a Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga teacher.

Vee has also received the blessing to serve as a Medicine Man by the Seminole elder James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney, founder of  Oklevueha Native American Church. In his work he brings a simple embodied knowledge of working with polarity (Spirit & Matter) and non duality into direct experience. He is a catalyst for transformation fully living from love and truth, meeting each moment and each person as his teacher.



Kambo Facilitator / Assistant (USA Only)


Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 15.09.02.png


Apprentice / Medicine Woman





We will contact you to setup a free 30 minute consultation call. In this consultation you will have the opportunity to discuss the nature and context of your calling to this work. For those of you embarking on this journey, this consultation is the beginning of your personal connection with the Iboga Spirit, and where the real ceremony begins.
Please have all information relating to your health and any medication you are taking ready before the call.


After being approved, Confirm your spot with a deposit of 30%. The rest is to be paid before the start of the retreat.


Arrange pick up / delivery of your Rooting into ME preparation kit


Price Guide:

EUROPE: , :  1900 -2200 EURO

MIDDLE EAST:  2000 - 2400 EURO

USA: 2600 - 3000 USD

The price of Rooting into Me - Retreat varies depending on the extra costs in the host country. We give importance to keep our body happy and comfortable as our consciousness is working hard and we choose our venues accordingly. All our venues are 3/4 star standard .

The price includes:

Accommodation, Food (as per your dietary requirements), all ceremonies, workshops, tuition & activities, preparation kit & online support during preparation phase. Also includes group integration call post retreat. 

Any medicines provided are a gift from nature. 

Choose your preferred location below to find out more:

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Can't find a retreat or service that's a fit for you at this time?  
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