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Sun, 22 Sept


Amsterdam, NL

Flower into Life - Amsterdam

You are invited to expand the spectrum of your lived experience with "Flower into Life." This retreat is a sacred space for those who are ready to blossom fully into their life's fullest expression.

Flower into Life - Amsterdam
Flower into Life - Amsterdam

Time & Location

22 Sept 2024, 16:00 GMT+2 – 27 Sept 2024, 12:00 GMT+2

Amsterdam, NL


About the event

We invite you to expand the spectrum of your lived experience with  "Flower into Life." This retreat is a sacred space for those who  are now ready to blossom fully into their life's fullest expression.

Embrace the paths of effortless creation and manifestation. Whether you are aligning with your soul's purpose, trusting the flow of life without knowing the destination, or simply being in the moment, "Flower into Life" is designed to amplify your journey of effortlessly embodying your beingness and creating from it.

“When Iboga guided me to the medicine of Bufo Alvarius, it felt like the missing piece to flow with ease in my life finally came together. Like I had the extra power and effortless accuracy to take care of the small but relevant details in my life. I was amazed as I witnessed the tiny changes gain momentum, and propel me through life with so much more magnetism. This offering encompasses the distilled shamanic transmission of hundreds of one-on-one sessions with Bufo and many "laboratories" brought together through the perspectives of Kashmiri Shaivism and Kabbala to support the weaving of Spirit and Matter inside us through these medicines.” 

- Vee Dalindo - Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man

Our collective intention is to nurture you, to flower into your fullest potential. We will weave spirit with matter, activating your power of manifestation and embodying a state of effortless beingness.

On our sacred journey we will move through these 7 Gates:

1st Gate:  Clearing obstacles, Limiting beliefs and mistrust of Life. Trauma blocking our creativity

2nd Gate: Discovery. Going into the Mystery, Becoming Awareness in the Mystery.

3rd Gate: Direct Experience of being the Creator.

4th Gate: Co-creating with other Creators

5th Gate: Shadow Work

6th Gate: Embodiment & Nurturing the body.

7th Gate: Celebration: Integrating the sense of Bliss


  • Bufo Alvarius journeys
  • Jaguar Microdosing
  • Eleusinian inspired Ceremony
  • Traditional Kaula Tantra teachings
  • Tandava and other movement practices
  • Sananga
  • Iboga microdosing
  • Co-creating magical Mandalas
  • Kaula Tantra Yoga
  • Art, Creative Expression, Improv theatre
  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony
  • Group Energy Work
  • Dance

This container is meant to birth you into your life and the fullness of your creative potential. It is a container that supports the creation of something specific and/or also to refine/expand our inner creation process.

Join us in this sacred journey of "Flowering into Life," where Life is the container and you are not just a participant, but a creator of your reality.

Intentions of the Space:

  • To Flower into Life in our greatest expression.
  • To Birth ourselves as the Universe / Creator while remaining rooted to the truth of our body
  • To weave spirit with matter inside our being
  • To refine your inner process of creation
  • To come into awareness of where we are creating from... (Dreams & desires vs fear & need for validation)
  • To come into Trust of ourselves and life itself.
  • Actualisation, Abundance & Manifestation
  • To harmonise the relationship between our Divine Creative Masculine & Creative Feminine Principles
  • To come into synergy with other creators and to release blocks around co-creating with others
  • To work with inspiration & subtle life force / creative energy to embody how to channel this into our endeavors
  • To activate the remaining energy and power required to go beyond the tipping point of what our soul wants to bring into the world.
  • To stay rooted in the earth as our branches spread and soar into life.

Of course as part of the creative/creation process, we will also be working with the sacred creative power of Life Force. Our intention is to create a space where each of you can directly experience and learn how to work with the polarities of this creative energy bringing alignment between your desires and your creation. This is a unique opportunity for mature seekers to go beyond directing your creative energy into sexual release and without suppressing anything, learning to work in partnership with these primal energies to birth your greatest masterpiece as your life.  To support this vision and to ensure that seekers of all levels of experience can benefit to the fullest, we will be discouraging sexual interactions within this container.

As you prepare to join us, ponder upon your deepest desires  and what might be holding you back from manifesting them. Being in the Not Knowing is just as good to start with.


Vee Dalindo - Lead Facilitator & Medicine Man 

Valentina Leo - Co-Facilitator & Shaiva Tantra

Leila Li - Apprentice Facilitator & Creative Muse 


Early Bird:  1900 EURO

Regular: 2200 EURO

* Payment Plans & scholarships for special needs participants are available. RSVP to have your consulation call and to find out more.

Please note that the contribution is all inclusive of the retreat costs such as facilitation, venue and food. The medicine is not for sale and is provided as a gift from nature.

This retreat is an intimate gathering for a group of carefully curated souls. Acceptance is subject to your application and a (30 min) consultation call. Past participants of Rooting into Me retreat will be given preference. It's not possible to attend RIM & FIL back to back if its the first time attending Rooting into Me.

The price includes:

Accommodation for 5 nights, Food (as per your dietary requirements), all ceremonies, workshops, tuition & activities & online support during preparation phase. Also includes group integration call post retreat. Any medicine served will be offered as a gift from nature.

Attendance is subject to approval via a one on one consultation on Zoom. 

PLEASE RSVP HERE FIRST to receive an email with info to book the consultation call.


Vee is a Tantric Shaman, Medicine Man and Guide. He is one of the main founders of the plant medicine & conscious communities in the Maltese Islands and for over a decade he has served thousands of individuals and groups all over the world. Working extensively with the most powerful entheogen on the planet, he has also initiated many on their own sacred path of service. Besides apprenticing for many years with various Shamans & Medicine Women he was given the blessing to teach non-duality by Sri Ramaji, the creator of RASA. Vee is also a Daka and a Traditional Kaula Tantra Yoga teacher.

Vee has also received the blessing to serve as a Medicine Man by the Seminole elder James "Flaming Eagle" Mooney, founder of  Oklevueha Native American Church. In his work he brings a simple embodied knowledge of working with polarity (Spirit & Matter) and non duality into direct experience. He is a catalyst for transformation fully living from love and truth, meeting each moment and each person as his teacher.


“I was made in Italy at the dawn of the Seventies - definitely made for untidy rooms and rumpled beds. I have always questioned the answers. I have travelled a lot, experienced a lot and tried all that I could! I have lived in caves, ashrams and apartments. I engaged in mystic conversations with wandering Gurus and drank enlightening teas with silent Sadhus. I have sung the endless heart song with giggling Shamans and laughed at cosmic jokes with invisible friends. I have travelled Africa barefoot and Europe on high heels. I have made love over cremation grounds and romanced the Cosmos- made love, literally, with the stars and the planets!  I have danced till the early colours of the morning and counted the million stars in the sleepless nights of the darkest hour of self doubt. I have found myself on all four, on the floor of my bedroom, throwing up a lifetime of emotional toxins and realized much later that this was the awakening experience… I have explored all kind of therapies, modalities, meditations and movement practices, healed traumas, danced the divine ecstasy, the shadow , the inertia, the chaos …the Cosmic Drama, before  Endless Cosmic Orgasm.

Today I am Dakini – the Skydancer.

I surrender my Divine Humanity to Existence, to be seduced by my true Form.”


Valentina Maria Leo, (a.k.a. MrsLove ) is Italian by birth,  living in Cape town since the late 90’s.

In this incarnation She explored a variety of identities already …such as being a Photographer, a Dancer,  a Painter, a Performer, a Criminal and a Show Director.

Of late, she identifies with being a Mother, a Lover, a Fool and a Facilitator for the true understanding of Sacred Sexuality as a Catalyst for Wholeness and Human Evolution....And it can All change with one breath...


Leila invites you to embrace both the dark and bright sides of life with a playful and humble attitude. As a world wanderer and artist, Leila's roots span both East and West, with deep connections to China and a passion for inspiring and being inspired by others. Her mission is to help people share their own aliveness and gifts in harmony with the Tao, the Way of Nature.

Leila envisions a global community of conscious creators, bridging polarities such as business and consciousness, and reality and spirituality, to foster collective change. In her daily life, she co-creates and guides intentional journeys, embracing the tantric way of living and the wholeness of life through Embodiment, Sacred Bodywork, Ecstatic Arts, and Tea/Plant Medicine.

With over five years of experience, Leila specializes in guiding transformative journeys through the co-creation of arts such as Ecstatic Arts, Zentangle, and private art drawing therapy sessions. She helps individuals gain profound insights from embodied and authentic expressions, using art as a tool to integrate intense experiences into daily life patterns.

Join Leila on a journey of transformation, where art, embodiment, and plant medicine come together to reveal the wholeness of life.


  • No Kambo for six weeks after the Flower into Life Retreat.
  • Please eat light on the day of the retreat. No coffee (or caffeine) and no food later then 1200 on the day of arrival. We will have our first journey on the first day.

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