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Iboga Initiations - 6-day Retreats

An initiation into the mystery with the sacred medicine of Iboga

  • 99 hr
  • based on location
  • Different Locations across the Globe

Service Description

You are invited on a sacred journey of rooting into your depths. An opportunity for self-knowledge and self-mastery through the medicine of Iboga. A rite of passage into maturity in a period and culture where these milestones seem to have lost their shine but not their value. An Initiation into the Mystery – to see & to meet life from a completely new place. An invitation to enter the effortless simplicity of your being This will be a 5 night / 6-day intensive including a two-night ceremony with Iboga complemented by other sacred medicines, workshops, practices and rituals for integration and refinement in the days after. Rooting into ME retreats happen throughout the year across different locations across the globe (primarily in Europe & the United States). Book your complimentary consultation call in our services to explore if Iboga is right for you at this time.

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